The Bachman Furniture Project Portfolio Official Launch

Introducing the Bachman Furniture Project Portfolio! This collection of designs was sourced from our very own clients ranging from small home design projects to large business building renovations. Many of them expressed interest in sharing their fabulous new rooms with the world and that is what lead us to create this digital collection of interior designs. This portfolio will serve as a home for all of our proudest projects we have worked on over our long history. The photos highlighted here capture the essence of what made each and every design different from the common trends within the world of interior design. Our design team prefers to find their inspiration from not only from their experience but from the client and the room itself.

At Bachman, originality is one of our core values. We believe that the best way someone can feel truly satisfied with their finished design is to be able to see their own creativity every time they look at it. Thus, our mission is to showcase our customer’s ideas in its best form by supporting them with a stable framework of design knowledge. On the other hand, there some customers that may not know what they want for their home or business and that is okay! Our design team is fully prepared to start from scratch and develop a plan of attack that will satisfy. We always strive to make designs that are unique, but also functional, practical, and beautiful! Bachman Furniture has over 90 years of interior design experience and knowledge. We know what it takes to turn an idea or inspiration into a realistic and executable design plan and bring that plan to life in your home or your business!