How To Shop For Furniture

Know Your Budget

Perhaps one of the most important steps in preparation for furniture shopping is knowing your budget. Create a price range and decide ahead of time if there is any wiggle room within that budget. Deciding what you want to invest beforehand will make shopping easier on both you and the sales team assisting you.

Take Measurements

A crucial part of buying new furniture is taking accurate measurements BEFORE you come to our store.  The vast majority of our items can come in different sizes and configurations including sectionals, sofas, chairs, nightstands, dressers, dining tables, etc).  Knowing size parameters before you fall in love with something helps prevent disappointment down the road.  It will also save you precious time in not having to make multiple trips .

Aside from accurate floor plan measurements it’s also good to make note of locations of cable connections, heat/cooling vents, electrical outlets, windows, doors and any other essential information about the room. There are many online resources to help put this information into a ¼” scale but our expert trained sales and designed consultants can also help with this!

Bring Visuals

Having a visual representation of the room(s) you want to makeover is extremely helpful. This can be in the form of photos, paint and fabric swatches and wood stain finishes. Having these items will prevent becoming overwhelmed and, more importantly, it ensures a more precise match when it comes to choosing your new furniture!  This is as easy as taking a photo with your phone before you come to our store.

Let Us Help You

We pride ourselves on being product experts at Bachman—and with 96 years of expertise and 92% of customers being repeat customers we know we’re doing something right. Whether you’re looking to re-design one room or furnish your whole home, we want to help you find pieces that suit your personal taste.